Thursday, 12 April 2012

Growing Up?

My 'Big Plan' is still underway :) Just a quick update regarding this, I've ordered some books, I'm looking into some part time courses and I'm currently carrying around this gorgeous vintage notebook...

...which I'm scribbling down ideas in constantly!

But I had a thought last night that almost put me off the whole idea altogether.

If I'm going to run/own my own magazine and be an editor, does that mean I have to stop making stupid choices and grow up?

I mean seriously. Have you ever heard of a magazine editor who still fantasizes constantly about marrying a rockstar? Or one that has only used an iron maybe 5 times tops in her life? Does this mean I have to stop flirting and sleeping with men unless they have the potential to be my future husband? Does this mean I have to settle down, live with a bloke again and get a pet? I know I'm only 22 but if I'm going to be a magazine editor, I need to stop blaming my stupid decisions on growing up and start, er, acting like an adult...

Additionally, I've found one of my biggest issues to be motivation! Once I get motivated I'm absolutely fine but its getting motivated, or rather the times I get motivated which seems to be the problem. When I wake up in the morning I'm perfectly happy spending my day lazing in bed, watching TV/movies, chatting to friends, reading etc. I just can't find any motivation to work, even when I'm up and about. But as soon as it gets dark out and its the evening, suddenly I want to do everything. I'm perfectly content making a cup of tea, sitting in the dining room and working though the night! I'm definitely a night owl..!


  1. No you don't have to grow up. You can still be you. No one has to know what goes on behind closed doors. Plus you don't hear about them because you never need to know everything about them. Your life stories could make some interesting magazine points too...

  2. Ooooh but I have to grow up one day and they'll all find out when this makes me famous anyway ;)
    Haha yeah I'm sure my stories can make some interesting points too! xx

  3. I've just stumbled across your blog and have realised that you did Fashion Journalism at Sunderland! Is there any possibility you could do a blog post on the course experience as I start in September and I'm not entirely sure what to expect! xxx

  4. Of course I will! I actually did Magazine Journalism as my course, and took Fashion Journalism as modules in my second and third year. I'll get a post up soon - in the meantime if you want any advice my email is Good luck :) xxx