Saturday, 23 June 2012

When things get tough, just remember...

This feels familiar,
I’ve been here before.
A different face walking
through the same door.

Thought it’d get easy
but it just hurts
more, every time.
The way I see it,
nothing ever ends.

Like a circle,
something new begins.
And now I turn my back
into the wind and carry on.
I know you’re gone.

I had to walk away.
Now it’s broken,
It’s the price I pay.
But it was worth it,
now I can say you’re name,
without falling apart (like the circles)
We always end up at the start.

I know it’s scary,
what you can’t define.
But just a temporary
place and time.

We’re pushing forward
and we can’t rewind.
But that’s alright,
It’s how we survive.

I had to walk away.
Now it's broken,
It’s the price I pay.
But it was worth it,
now I can say you’re name,
without falling apart (like the circles)
We always end up at the start.

And I know, I know,
feels like it’s always changing.
I know, I know, it’s 
like just rearranging.

Build it up,
tear it down,
all the walls and hurdles.
We’re running in circles!

I had to walk away.
Now it's broken,
It’s the price I pay.
But it was worth it,
now I can say you’re name,
without falling apart 
We always end up at the start.

(For future reference)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Work Hard, Play Harder

Last night I watched the film Project X.

First of all, this is an amazing film in its own right (with an equally amazing sound track!) so I'd suggest watching it anyway! I've already posted something similar on my other blog but this film reminded me how sometimes you have to just forget who you are sometimes and forget your responsibilities and concentrate on having a good time.

I've had some amazing nights out over the years and some amazing parties. I've been to foam parties, popcorn parties, UV paint parties, rollerskating discos and even hot dog parties. I've had too many house parties to even remember. I've been to events themed as nearly everything under the sun - school girl, nurse, Mrs Santa,  beachwear, army, neon/80s, and so, so many different Halloween costumes. Despite not being Irish, I've been on three different pretty awesome St Paddy's Day pubcrawls. I've partied with Matt Willis, Lee Ryan and er Steps. I've attended nights out, I've hosted nights out, I've DJ'd nights out and I've been the official um dance mover maker for nights out. I've done A LOT. 

Do you think I spent any of these nights out worrying about uni in the morning or how skint I was? Nope. In fact, if those thoughts crossed my mind, I instead used this as an excuse to party more.

Don't get me wrong - university, a career, big responsibilities like that - they DO come first. But it's always good to remember that you need to get the fair balance between the two. You can't go to university or spend your whole life working without letting your hair down - in fact your work will suffer if you're sat at home not taking time to relax. Likewise it's probably not a good idea to party constantly because you'll never get anywhere in life.

BUT this film has also reminded me that sometimes it's alright to be a bit silly. No matter how many responsibilities you have, you're NEVER too old for a decent night out. Sometimes it's hard to forget that when you're piled down with work and you've got so much to do, life really is passing you by. Of course I don't recommend that you burn a whole street down BUT even nights when you really shouldn't go out - you're skint, you've got work in the morning - sometimes these nights turn out to be the best ones. 

It's all about finding the balance between working hard and playing hard. If you're out 24/7 anyway this probably doesn't apply to you but if it's been a while since you've been to a good party then forget about what responsibilities await you the morning after and just go out and have fun. When you're old you'll never look back and think about the amazing memories you had staying in each night and working, will you? No, you'll remember the epic last minute nights out you've had that probably shouldn't have happened but led to amazing nights, amazing friends and amazing memories. 

All of those nights I've mentioned have been awesome in their own right. But some of the best nights I've ever had were honestly hand on heart never planned. Some of the best nights I've had were when I was stuck at home, skint, with work to do and all I could think about was how much I'd like to be out because there was no way I could concentrate on my work. So I did go out. And it was awesome.

I've got some pretty amazing nights to come as well. I've got so many birthdays to celebrate (what should my next theme be?), plus an Ibiza holiday next year. And of course there will be many other unplanned as of yet nights out to come.

So this post is to say remember you're young so go out and make the most of it! Don't quite go as far as they did in Project X (thought we both know you're tempted to) but still have as much fun as you can. I'm not encouraging anyone to go out and be unsafe or cause havoc either but remember sometimes when you do accidently have a bit too much and do something silly - you are only young and the whole point is to learn from it.

Go out and let your hair down ;)

(But be safe too!!!)