Thursday, 26 April 2012

It's My Lucky Week...

I explained in my last post how unfortunately (down to my incompetence!) I missed a rather important meeting. Luckily the guy I was meeting with was very understanding about the whole thing so instead I made my way into London today for the meeting! The meeting went extremely well and I am unbelievably excited about this new project. Basically when I applied for the job I thought I'd just be contributing. However, instead today I found myself walking away from the meeting (when it was finished of course!) with something I'm pretty bloody chuffed about.

I am now the editor of!

(Please don't go on the website, it's a mess at the moment, we're relaunching it in July!).

You might think it's just a fancy job title but in fact its a lot more. To begin with, it's practically my dream job. My role involves developing the content for the website which we're hoping is going to be the 'go to' guide for everything London. So that means writing about everything thats going on in London and everything there is to do. Exciting right? That's not it.

Not only have I jumped on board at the very beginning - which means I am pretty much helping the whole project evolve from start to finish but this will look amazing on my C.V. It's going to be such a great opportunity and the guy I am working with, who is setting up the whole thing, has a ridiculous amount of contacts most of which I'll be meeting.

I am also getting paid to attend different events around London which I get to attend for free! I get access to different media events where I can mingle with top media contacts, I get to attend gigs and theatre shows for free and even get additional tickets for friends and family..I'm basically getting paid to be a tourist and write about it all! It's such a great opportunity!

I'll also be creating a lot of contacts along the way too. My boss/manager (again, who has set up the whole thing) has contacts and leads in everything. My ex, if he ever hears wind of this, is going to be one jealous person because he's a DJ and I'll be meeting and getting the opportunity to attend events by Ministry of Sound! I really can't believe the perks of this job!

Finally, we have some really big plans for the website. Hopefully if it all goes well, my manager is even looking to creating a similar idea/website for Paris, New York etc.

And I get to be a part of it all!

So as you can imagine I am EXTREMELY chuffed to be offered this amazing opportunity and I honestly cannot believe I am now an editor of such an amazing project.


  1. Wow congratulations! You really worked hard to get the job =D

  2. Aww thanks Cherie! I'm well chuffed! x

  3. That sounds amazing!! I hope I get to do something as successful as that when I finish university! (I've got to start first though!) xx

  4. Thank you! My top tip would just be to apply for everything, regardless of pay or not! With journalism you won't get anywhere with a degree and no experience so unfortunately that does mean taking on a few unpaid internships! Although it's very beneficial, it can be hard when you're not getting an income though luckily most places cover travel costs :) Just keep writing constantly, it looks so much better for example if you've graduated and you can't get work, as long as you're still blogging/interning/writing it shows that you're still getting experience and doing something with your life rather then not doing anything at all whilst not working!
    Thank you :)