Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Big Plan

I've always been a very ambitious person.

I know that to get what I want I have to try very hard but deep down I know that no matter how long it takes, I'll get there. Journalism is one of the toughest areas of work to get into, but I have no doubt in my mind that one day I'll be the editor of a top magazine.

Since leaving university, many people have asked me why I've not thought about setting up my own magazine. The truth is, I have. A lot. But I've always dismissed the idea. Why would I set up my own magazine when I can get a job working for Cosmopolitan, Company or More! magazine? Why would I waste so much money on something that probably wouldn't be successful? I mean, it's so hard. I know first hand how much effort goes into a magazine, I could never do that. For starters I really don't know much about current affairs and although I keep somewhat up to date on the life of celebrities, I couldn't give a monkeys arse about how Tulisa's leaked sex tape taught us more about her blow job skills then we'd like to know. Sure, it's interesting ish. But it doesn't really effect me, does it? So why would I care? Secondly, I really don't know much about InDesign or creating my own website or even printing costs. I simply wouldn't be able to do it.

Except as I've received job rejection after job rejection (well, actually, just silence since no one bothers to get back to you unless you've gotten the job), I've indulged in the idea. Suddenly I'm thinking what if I set up my own magazine? What if I get off my bum and learn the skills I need to do it? Who cares if I'm not interested in celebrities, from what I've heard most women would like to read about real inspiring women anyway. And yknow what? I bet other editors have been in my position too. Everyone has to start somewhere. I'm starting here.

This might be my only blog regarding this issue for a long, long time. Or I might be blogging with more progress next week. But I've decided, it's happening. My general plan is to get myself onto a course that will teach me Indesign or website design. Then my blog will turn into either a website and then a magazine, or just straight into a magazine. Or I'll even publish my magazine online. Who knows.

I do know however that I'll be blogging along the way. I have NO idea where to start and I bet YOU might be someone in my position too, reading this as soon as I publish this post or even in five years time. I bet you might want to set up your own magazine too, but don't know where to start. Overwhelmed with how much you need to research? Worried about how exactly this is going to fit in with you making a living? Wishing you had someone you could ask EVERYTHING to, or just a definitive guide that includes even the smallest issues like er is it acceptable to flirt with any good looking men you have to interview? Yeah, me too, I hear you sister.

This is my account from the very beginning, from the moment I've decided its going to happen to the very moment it does.


  1. Isn't your inspire thing like a magazine? Couldn't you have used that as a starting point?

  2. Thats the plan...Inspire magazine is a blog which is turning into a magazine...