Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Alternative guys

Ever since I discovered rock music as a teenager, I knew my taste in men would never be the same. As I found myself falling in love with the chords and lyrics of alternative music - most of which was the soundtrack to my teen summers - I also found myself falling in love with the vocalists and band members that created the music. I distinctively remember an instant attraction to Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup and of course, the ever legendary Tom Delonge that first summer where their albums were on repeat.

I can't quite explain why alternative guys - or musicians - are so sexy to me. They just are, and I honestly struggle to get my head around the idea that some women might not agree with me, that ladies around the world would rather drool over David Beckham than Jared Leto.

First of all, musicians and 'altnerative' guys (also known as emo lads, rocker guys, etc) are not the same - although pretty much all rock stars are alternative anyway. When I say I'm obsessed attracted to these type of guys, I don't necessary mean just rock stars (although if you're a rock star it helps big time).

Musicians/rock stars are sexy because of so many different reasons - the biggest of which being passion. The passion men have for music is such a turn on, especially musicians that can get all deep and convey these emotions and feelings into a song. There's just something about the way a guy writes or performs a song - the passion he has put into it, the fact that you know it's come straight from his heart and his own experiences, the way he sings the song or so expertly strums that guitar. There really is nothing sexier than a musician.

Then there's the attitude that these men have, whether they are aware of their sexiness or not. It's about the way they adapt this persona ; on stage or otherwise. The fact that they have millions of girls after them or the fact that they know the power they have over these girls.

And of course there's *that* look they have. Dark floppy emo hair that usually party obscures their piercing eyes. The piercings of course, most especially lip piercings. The stubble. The tattoos that cover their body. The skinny fit jeans, the converse, the leather jackets - just pure hotness. To me there is NOTHING sexier. The alternative look is such a turn on and it's so much hotter than your average joe guy.

(Can I just add, I've got a board on pinterest called 'Ridiculously sexy men who's babies I want and who make my ovaries explode' - filled to the brim with half naked photos of rock stars and emo lads. I've got the page open - for research purposes for this article of course! - and my Mum has just walked in and caught me having a perv! Whoops!)

There's the argument that these guys will regret their piercings and tattoo's when they're older. Really? I don't agree. And when they have to take another role that won't necessary suit their alternative look, such as wearing a suit to a wedding or job interview, or becoming a father, you won't believe it but it is SO much hotter.

Kellin Quinn with his baby girl
I rest my case. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a 'non alternative' guy, but for me, rockstars, emo guys or just those who have something a quirky about them are just that bit sexier. And somehow I just know that one day I'll end up with my own rockstar ;)