Friday, 27 April 2012

Never Turn A Gypsy Away

Continuing on from yesterday, I have now discovered where all this luck has come from.

I feel pretty bad actually as only recently I had a little rant on Twitter. about how excessive bragging usually tends to mean that you're just trying to prove a point and that if you're main concern is proving a point to everyone else, you're probably not being honest with yourself. But this mainly applies to relationships in my eyes! Anyway, I don't think informing your friends and family of a new part of your life really counts as bragging?

So anyway. Yesterday my parents were out shopping and a gypsy approached my Dad asking him for money, so he gave her a pound. In return she gave my Mum & Dad a little shell each, claiming them to be good luck.

Yesterday my interview went extremely well and obviously I got the job. I also got offered two more interviews when I got home, one in person today (which went really well and I'm very confident about) and a phone interview I am currently waiting for. My Dad was also offered a job yesterday (after only having the interview the day before - on Wednesday) AND my Mum won £10 on a scratch card yesterday.

Apparently there's a myth that you should never turn a gypsy away else you'll miss out on good luck.

I am seriously thinking that all our recent luck comes down to this gypsy! Very odd thing to think about, but pretty cool nonetheless :)

I'm over the moon for my Dad as well, we've had a bit of a struggle recently so it's nice to have a change of luck. Although I stated in a post when I first started this blog that usually when everything goes so well it means something bad is around the corner but we've already had our 'down' time so to speak. We're off to see The Avengers tomorrow and even if bad news is on its way, we're going to celebrate and stay positive about our luck in the meantime!

Maybe I should put the lottery on...!

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