Monday, 12 March 2012

Visiting Sunderland

Back in February I visited Sunderland which is where I studied at university for three years. This was the first time going back since July last year and also the first time seeing two of my close uni friends for so long. We'd discussed making the trip for months beforehand, I hadn't seen my friend Jo for over a year as she'd taken a gap year in France, and I hadn't seen my other friend Becky since graduation. We made sure to coincide our visit with the towns biggest pub crawls, going on pub crawls being some of our favourite memories from being students.

Becky is originally from London so we both got the same coach up, me hopping on at Milton Keynes. We immediately launched into gossip about men, as usual. After a long six hour coach ride we arrived in Sunderland and I cannot tell you how weird it felt to be back.

I had some of the best years of my life in this town. My student days had their ups and downs but it was definitely an experience. Upon graduating I pretty much had come to hate the town. It was only when I stepped foot off that coach that I realized that in fact I missed it more than I had ever imagined.

The pub crawl was amazing. We felt a bit old in that it was mostly filled with 18 year old freshers but it was still so much fun. It was so good going to all the bars I used to drink in, dancing to all the songs I remember from being a fresher myself and just generally having a good time. The theme was nurses and doctors and I think we customized our outfits well - I even made my own paper hat!

Argile refers to someone I've been texting/was texting at the time (in all honesty I'm not quite sure what's going on, I don't think we're talking at the moment after he accidently offended my downstairs ha) and it was one of those nights where you just knew something was going to happen as we'd been talking constantly and were both out that night. I used to work with him but obviously nothing ever happened because I was with my ex when I worked with him. Anyway my friend knew we were texting and insisted on writing this on the back of my t-shirt! Myself and 'Argile' later ended up making out for about two hours straight, ha.

This is me and Jo in the amazing hot dog joint they had in one of the clubs. I was absolutely amazed at this fact.

I am all class...

Me and Jo eating ice cream..this is really just to prove that I didn't go up there and just spend the whole time getting drunk!

And finally the state of Jo's room by the last day!

All in all it was one of the best weekends ever. It was so nice seeing the girls and having a catch up. Even though we talk all the time it was just a nice change to have some food, watch a movie and just spend actual time with them in person. I bumped into my ex whilst there as well and this made me feel really weird, which I hadn't expected to have felt. I pretty much spent the last half of last year going through the motions with him - from being together to breaking up, missing each other, hating each other, arguing constantly and finally to nothing. It was so weird seeing him in person for the first time in so long as well. The last time I saw him was before I moved down south, we both cried and hugged each other, saying 'I love you'. Then when I saw him again it was like we were strangers! I always knew it would be weird though but I was glad I had the chance to say hello. It wouldn't of felt right going back up to Sunderland where he was once such a significant part of my life and not seeing him.

Me and the girls usually do the St Paddy's Day pub crawl for Becky's birthday as well but as we're all skint I think we're giving that one a miss this year and going to Amsterdam next month instead. Besides, I'm hoping we go up again for the Halloween pub crawl!

Oh and of course I can't not mention some of the hilarious quotes/inside jokes from the weekend -

'Pre menstural singletons'!
'Fit as chips!'
'Pick up my stethoscope - now'!
The 'single man in a club' pose!
Becky nicking some of some poor blokes beer which he left with us for safe keeping
The random loner in the hot dog joint that sat with us in deep conversation for a good half an hour
Jo deciding she no longer likes 'Dedication to my ex' after hearing the real version of the song
Green liptstick
'Do me..I'm not a slug btw!'
Poor Dumbo getting sweet and sour sauce on his hat!

Other than Paris, this weekend has also been one of my favourite weekends of 2012 :)

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