Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Liebster Award

I won an award! I'm so chuffed, I didn't even know anyone read this blog to be fair. I received it from the lovely Librarian Girl! I won't be tagging anyone/passing this award along because I've received this award on my main blog and have already tagged people a million times before (so would only end up tagging the same people again) but I'm still rather pleased!

The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word that means sweetest, nicest, kindest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. It's a fun way to say welcome to the blogging community.

Here are the rules for receiving the award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 new questions for the people you have tagged
2. Choose 11 people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them about the award (social networks accepted)
5. If you have not done so yet, follow the tagger and visit at least three nominees
6. Remember, no tag backs

11 Things About Myself:
1. One of my favourite childhood films is Willow, and I'm going to watch it after I've posted this!
2. I have a pet tamagotchi on my phone called Bob, however I tried to kill him off as he was the third pet I'd got that had evolved into an Octopus (the other two, my only pets, are called Roger and Sandy). I felt too bad though, so I'm sticking with him.
3. I have my tragus pierced and it is my favourite piercing (although I miss my lip piercing!)
4. I am on pretty much every social media site going (hey, I'm a journalist, it needs to be done)
5. I used to love music like A1, Lou Bega and Busted. I still have Busted on my iPod...
6. I really want a tattoo but I'm too scared to get one.
7. I have a skull in my room (it's paper mache, don't worry!) called Roger. He was named after Roger from American Dad as he has big eyes.
8. My favourite colour is Red.
9. I never want a relationship again unless the person is 'the one' and the one who I'm going to marry.
10. I'm so bored with my hair.
11. I've spent far too much money lately!

Questions from Librarian Girl
1. What was your childhood nickname, if any?
I had a few - Lou, Loopy Lou or Louish-Ann!
2. What is your favourite colour?
3. What inspired you to start a blog?
The chance to inspire others.
4. Do you have a favourite film? What is it?
I have loads so I couldn't pick just one, but my last favourite film of all time that I watched was Back To The Future.
5. Have you ever done anything scary, such as skydiving?
Does snowboarding count? I'd love to try skydiving or go bungee jumping or something one day
6. What's your favourite city?
London, without a doubt.
7. Something you are proud of.
Graduating from university (not only that but one that was a five hour drive away from home!) with a degree in Magazine Journalism.
8. What are your vices?
Falling far too quickly for far too many bad boys.
9. Heels or flats?
It depends on the situation, but heels for a night out definitely. I just can't feel sexy without them.
10. Can you play a musical instrument?
I can play two songs on guitar - Daniel Beddingfield - Gotta Get Thru This and Joshua Radin - Winter (which is supposed to be really tough to play so I'm pleased about that!)
11. What's your favourite sandwich?
Ham & Tomato!

As I said, it would be pointless for me to tag 11 people because I don't actually follow any blogs with less than 200 followers that I haven't already tagged in a previous award! However, if you click here, you'll be directed to my main blogs 'Blog Awards' page, where you can click on each post about award's I've won, and where I've therefore tagged other blogs - phew that was a mouthful! 

Finally, just as I haven't blogged recently - what have I been up to lately? Well, I've been working my bum off, going out on far too many nights out and partaking in short but sweet (and passionate!) 'flings?' which we're amazingly fun whilst they lasted :)

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  1. Congrats on the Award...thanks for following my blog by the way...have returned the favour xx