Saturday, 26 May 2012

Busy Busy!

The past month has almost been non stop and it looks like next month won't be any different!

I am taking on this editors roll like...a fish to water..or whatever an appropriate phrase is. In other words - it's perfect for me. I'm really, really enjoying it and I absolutely love finding out about different places and things to do. Working from home can be a bit tough as I've always had problems with motivation but I'm slowly learning to close that Facebook tab and get my head down, refusing to go on any social networking websites until I've done at least an hour of two or work. The new All American Rejects Album - Kids in the Street - is helping a lot too. I love it and it has quickly become my background album to listen to whilst I work, helping me to concentrate.

I've also been helping one of my sisters friends who has her own business and had fallen behind so needed an extra hand. It started with popping down to hers one Friday and just generally helping out a little bit - sorting out her invoices and making lots of tea and coffee. But it's soon becoming more than that as yesterday I learnt all about renewable energy and how to draw a floor/house plan. She is an domestic energy assessor and as boring as that sounds, it's actually really fun! Next week I'm acting as her assistant, manning the phones and booking assessing times whilst she's out and about doing her job. Then another day next week I'll be out with her, doing floor plans and all the measurements and such. It's pretty fun and I guess that's another bit of experience I can add under my belt - plus she's going to give me a great reference.

Finally, I was offered a job at Next the day before last which I am chuffed about! It was kind of funny how it worked out because the interview was almost a month ago now and I'd heard nothing. I'd left the interview feeling extremely confident however, I'd built up a great rapport with the woman that was interviewing me and definitely got the vibe that I was being offered a position. However, four days after we went on holiday, she was going on holiday too (actually to Sharm, Egypt as well which was a bit spooky!) for two weeks. After three weeks I assumed I hadn't got it and gave the office a ring Thursday and she told me she had actually planned to ring me the next day. It was her and another woman dealing with the new employees and the interviews and such and this other woman had gone on holiday as she'd come back. So I was actually offered a position in their new store opening. I'm really pleased about this because I really wanted this job.

Even better is it's part time so I can still keep on with my editor duties and learning to be an domestic energy assessor!

I'm off to a Flea market in Soho tomorrow which should be fun and I have my induction for Next in the week so it's going to be a very busy week!

June is looking out to be just as busy too as I'll be in London quite a few times, plus I'm arranging a bloggers meet up in St Albans for the end of the month which is going to be really fun. It's also my Nan's birthday and my Dad's birthday and we're hoping to throw a nice BBQ for that. The website is also set to launch in July so I'll be working extra hard with editing duties. Luckily I got my good friend Becky in with a job as well as she studied Journalism with me at university and lives right in London. This means we'll be able to divide the work out between us and I'll get to see a lot more of her at all the different events we'll be going to! I'm glad about this as we were quite close at university and although we still talk all the time, she works full time and as she lives in London it's hard to find time for a catch up.

I'm also still working on setting up my own magazine. On the surface it looks like I've put it on hold but in actual fact behind the scenes I've been working hard to find different contributors and get all my ideas into motion. I've also started writing my own novel - random, I know - but I'm feeling pretty positive about this as it's sounding quite good even if I do say so myself!

I'm still blogging over at Inspire Magazine too and have actually been in contact with a few companies for reviews. After redoing the whole layout I've been trying to take a more professional approach with it rather then just updating as a hobby and with companies interested in a company-blogger relationship, it's finally taking that professional turn. The blog will soon be going onto bigger and better things soon as you all know so it's good to have companies interested!

So I've been learning lately that staying positive and getting your head down and getting on with it makes a huge difference. It's been really hard to find a spare moment to myself over the past few weeks and it's been especially annoying with this hot weather! A couple of times last week I decided to go out for a run and a bike ride but in all honestly I thought I hated running and loved bike riding..I'm not so sure now though! I went out on my mum's bike and my god is my bum sore! Her bike seat is really uncomfortable so yeah, I think I'll be sticking to the running until I can get a more comfy bike seat.

Well, that's what little old me has been up to lately so if you find me absent from blogging over the next few months - you know why. I'll leave you a photo of me being a bit of a poser in my favourite new dress after my parents took me out for food last night to celebrate the new job.


  1. Wow you really have been busy!
    Congratulations on the new job and helping out the friend to gain more references!
    It must be really fun to be learning some new skills and about other companies and lines of work =D

  2. Yep a right old busy bee haha!
    Thank you!
    Yeah it's really interesting, it's all about using renewable energy as well so it's pretty good that it's something that's being green and helping the planet. Also get to nose around at really nice houses too.
    Even better this woman works just around the corner from my sister so I can stay at my sister's some nights and walk through the village to hers :) x

  3. Congratulations on the new job! your dress is lovely:)

  4. Thank you! It's my new favourite dress :) xx

  5. oh i really like your dress :) x

  6. Thank you it was only £7 :) xx

  7. Pretty outfit. :) x