Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The anti-climax that is New Years Eve

In my last post I explained how I spent last NYE in a club, with my boyfriend at the time, sober. This isn't strictly true. Last NYE was the worst NYE of my life. I had spent Christmas down south with my family and after much thought, decided to come up north to spend it with my boyfriend at the time who is a DJ.

My constant need for what I claim is a 'glam' NYE stems from the fact that when I was younger my parents left me - sulking - at my grandparents when it was the millennium. My whole family went out to parties and I was severely disappointed that not only was I having a boring NYE but it was an extra kick in the teeth because it was the millennium! Something I'd never experience again in my lifetime! Never mind the fact that I was 12 and couldn't really go to any 'party' anyway! Anyway, after that I dreamed about amazing ways to spend NYE.

So I was pretty disappointed last year when I spent £60 on a 5 hour coach ride to spend just one night in the north east to have a great new years and it turned out to be disastrous. After that I swore I'd never get excited about NYE again as it was always an anti-climax. I expected to be spending this NYE just gone by stuffing my face at the all you can eat chinese with my parents then going home, watching the countdown on TV then going to bed. Hardcore.

Instead I got my perfect New Years Eve this year. It was the most amazing NYE of my life and I'll never forget it. On NYE this year I found myself getting up bright an early at 6:00am to travel to the city of Paris where I spent three days with my sister over the new year. We began seeing in the evening by managing 5 courses out of a 6 course dinner in a very nice restaurant! After that it was time to make our way to where we were celebrating the countdown. We almost didn't make it, exiting the metro with only 10 minutes to spare and immediately becoming lost in a crowd of excited people, eager to get out and celebrate the new year. However we made it there with literally two minutes to spare and awed in amazement at the atmosphere at Champes-Élyées - the go to place when it comes to celebrating NYE.

Celebrating NYE at Champes-Élyées was the most awesome, amazing thing I have ever done and I will never forget it. The pure atmosphere was breath taking and it was so pretty as well. I honestly could not have wished for a better way to celebrate the beginning of 2012. 


  1. Aw I'm glad you had a perfect NYE this year, Paris sounds like such a magical place!

    I hate NYE! I hate forced fun lol so I normally just stay in with a takeaway and watch films! xx

  2. Thank you! NYE is normally very forced but I still adore it anyway! Paris was amazing yeah, I'll be doing another post about it soon :)